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After a 72 night campaign and driving around 5000 miles Liam Duncan has

slipped the net under 'Colin' from St. Ives's Shallow Pit weighing 48lb 8oz.

Liam used Sticky Baits Krill boilies presented over a kilo of matching freebies

to land the new lake record.



Leicester based carper Jason McDowall has landed one of the most sought

after carp on the Richworth Linear Complex; the ‘Small Plated’ weighing 40lb

14oz. Jason added other carp to 35lb 4oz during his stay on St Johns Lake

with friend Darren Taylor, who added 3 fish to 26lb.



The common carp record at the Richworth Linear Complex in Oxfordshire has

increased after the capture of the ‘Big Common’ from Oxlease Lake by Martin

Wright at an all-time high of 47lb 5oz. This surpasses the record held by the

same carp when it was caught at 46lb 12oz in September 2013.



Lewis Daneshi made the most of his time fishing an overnighter at Farlows Lake

between work and has been rewarded with one of the A Team; the 'Cut Tail

Linear' weighing 33lb. Lewis used Nash end tackle to present his Carp Company

O-PM boilie tight to an island.



Enterprise Tackle consultant and well known big fish angler Frank Warwick has

landed this rarely caught 41lb 8oz common from Kingfisher Lake on the Bluebell

complex. Frank landed his personal best zig caught carp using a ET72

Zig Beetle suspended 4ft below the surface.



Using Steve Renyard’s M-25 boilies, in-form George West from Nobles Fishing

has landed 27 carp in just four nights angling at Broadlands Lakes in Hampshire,

George went on to land a new lake record with a carp that hadn’t been caught

in over a year - ‘Henry Cooper’ weighing 37lb 3oz.


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