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Big fish angler Paul Crocker has just returned from a succesful week on the

famous La Graviers in France. Using a Scopex Squid Liver hookbait, the Nash

fieldtester banked the colossal 'Brown Fish' weighing 86lb 5oz. The venue's

second biggest carp was caught earlier this month weighing 82lb 8oz.



After recently avoiding capture for a year the rare 'Kempy's Linear' has been

caught again by venue regular Roy Russell weighing 41lb 4oz. The Manor Farm

stunner sets a new PB for Roy who used an Edge boilie from Aqua Dynamix

presented in a solid PVA bag fished in a gap in the weed at long range.



Expat Derek Harrison has finally tracked down and caught 'The Big One' after

an 8 year campaign. The mighty common resides in the V Kanaal and connected

waterways on the Belgium/Holland border. The carp has only been caught a

handful of times and has now been reported from 2 different countries!



Trakker backed specimen hunter Clive Gibbins has caught the 'Brown Fish' from

La Graviers in France weighing 82lb 8oz. Clive used Korda end tackle to tame

the huge fish which is the second 80lb carp that Clive has caught after landing

the 'Big Common' from Etang la Saussaie in 2011.



Roger Pitman and his angling partner Ady have just got back from a week at the

wonderful Etang des Royales Fishery in France. Roger and Ady landed 50 carp and

58 catfish to 82lb 8oz. The 73lb 8oz cat pictured is also the biggest fish we have

been sent with a hoodie included in the photo.



A bite in the closing minutes of James Bell's recent session on Richworth Linear

St John's Lake produced the venue's big mirror known as the 'Big Plated' weighing

44lb 1oz. James used a Nash White Chocolate boilie fished at close range to

tempt the same fish his father caught in 2010 weighing 44lb 2oz.



Preston based Dave Steward has caught the very rare 'Kempy's Linear' from

Richworth Linear Manor Farm Lake in Oxfordshire. This is the first time the fish

has been caught in a year and has broken the 40lb barrier by 10oz setting a

new personal best for Dave. Dave added other fish to 31lb 12oz.



Evelyne Lemarchand from Abbey Lakes in France has last night caught one of

the largest carp to ever fall to a female angler. Fishing a short overnighter,

Evelyne netted the stunning complex biggie known as 'Shoulders' weighing 79lb

3oz using a Mainline Tutti Frutti pop up.



Gardner Tackle backed Peter Kingsbury is off the mark on the very challenging

Vinnetrow Lake in Chichester with this stunning 33lb 4oz mirror. Despite the

heavy weed, Peter used a size 10 Covert Incizor hook to bag his first fish on

his new water.



Corby based Steve Cartwright has smashed his personal best with his capture

of this 54lb 2oz mirror from the Monks Pit syndicate in Cambridgeshire. With no

other anglers present, Steve respected the no sacking rule and opted for some

quick self takes of the monster.



As many have predicted, the clear waters of Roath Park Lake in Cardiff has

produced the new record for a carp in Wales. Cardiff based Tony Tanti used a

Nash Shellfish Sense Appeal boilie to land the huge common known as 'Big Ben'

weighing 48lb.


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