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High profile big fish angler Jerry Hammond has landed Norfolk’s biggest mirror

carp at a weight of 52lb 4oz from Lenwade Charity Lakes in the Wensum Valley.

The fish known as 'Baby Face' equals it's own top weight and fell for a new bait

Jerry is currently testing for Nash.



Darren Turner has banked the old mirror known as the 'Birthmark Linear' from

the Manor Farm Lake on the Richworth Linear Complex. The linear broke the

40lb barrier by 2oz and was part of a catch that included other fish to 36lb

1oz, a fish known as the 'Rhino'.



Somerset based Ben Thompson had a dream session this week at Richworth

St. John's Lake. Ben took 40+ fish topped with the 'Box Common' weighing

43lb 15oz. Ben used Essential Baits B-5 boilies and added 9 twenties up to 29lb

15oz. Click more for all the photos!



The carp world has changed forever with the first carp to be caught at over

100lb. Many believed that the first 100lb carp would come from Rainbow Lake

or La Graviers but it has come from Euro Aqua Lake in Hungary. The great fish

weighed 101lb 10oz and was measured at 113cm in length.



Paul Rudd has experienced two dream overnighters on the St Ives Complex in

Cambridgeshire. The first trip saw him fool the mirror known as 'Colin' from the

Shallow Pit weighing 46lb 6oz which he then followed up with the 'Black Pig' from

the Lagoon at 40lb 6oz. Paul used Denham Bait Innovations Game On! boilies.



Young Ben Warboys from Kent has caught one of the biggest carp to ever fall

to a Zig-Rig. Fishing Gigantica Lake in France, Ben used an 18ft hooklink to fool

the rarely caught carp called 'Drop Tail' which has put on 17lb in under 3 years

since caught by Danny Fairbrass of Korda.



Carpfest is back for 2012… bigger and better than ever! This time, you’ll have

just THREE chances to catch carp fishing’s best interactive roadshow, across

three weekends (see image for dates and venues). So, what can you expect

to find at Carpfest 2012? Well, just think Carpfest 2011 on a whole new scale!



Team Atomic carper Lee Merritt has caught one of the most sought after carp

on the Abbey Lakes Complex in France. The stunning mirror known as 'The Grey

Lady' weighed 57lb and was part of a 3 fish hit on his first night that fell

to Mainline hookbaits over Hinders Elips Pellets.


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