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Chapel Baits Announces The Anglers Paradise Boilie Range

Anglers Paradise is proud to announce that the Paradise Boilie is finally complete and ready to be used at their impressive venue. After many months of testing and formulating, the scientists at Chapel Baits developed what can only be said as a “Paradise bait”. Created under the strict guidelines of Chapel Baits, the boilie has been produced with maximum inclusions of Raspberry around a fish meal base mix.

As stated By Joe Drury, Estate Manager “I am over the moon with the results of the new bait. With working alongside Chapel Baits in production and the development of the packaging, we cannot be happier as it looks unique to anything else out there. The main aspects of the bait provide us with full confidence that each individual angler that uses our bait, ensures that the fish are getting a quality food source which provides sufficient nutrition for healthy growth”.

The Bait is exclusive to Anglers Paradise, already claiming some big fish captures on a range of the lakes at the venue. The Bait range consists of Boilies in 18mm, Dips, Pop-ups and Pastes formulated to match the raspberry flavour.

For all enquiries please visit Anglers Paradise or Chapel Baits website for further info: – 07554621612 – 01205 360032 --- MT² Consultancy © 2021