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Myrtle Lakes Middleton - May 2011

I had woke up the ol' alarm shouting its call at 7 o'clock in the morning, it was around May time when everything was waking up. May 8th to be precise. Got the gear out the garage and started walking to Rhodes; a park lake in Middleton, Manchester. Bear in mind, this place is about a 20 minute walk from my house, and with no barrow. It’s a bit of a mooch, so scaling down was a must! After my rekkie I arrived at Rhodes half dead, and to top it off, it was absolutely rammed with bivvy’s, with only a few pegs behind free on the road bank. With it being stitched up, I thought to myself. What now? With Myrtle being around 10 minutes from here, I decided to go there instead. I’d done a few days in the winter to no avail. So I picked the gear up and started walking, yet again. I arrived to find the lake to myself, lovely. After doing a few laps, I spotted a couple of fish in the mouth of the bay, going in and out of the pads. So I started here, swung the rods out and sat back. A few hours later, I had a twitchy take, with the line pulling up tight, clicking out the clip. Then slowly picking up speed, I lifted into it, felt a fish kite left into open water and then dropped off, nightmare. With it only being around 12 o'clock, I thought the best thing to do would have been to move. However a few other anglers had arrived. One stopped in the bay, and the other in open water.

So I stayed put for the time being. Later that day, the bloke that was fishing in the bay had packed up and gone home; after scurrying up the tree it was evident they'd moved into here. I upped sticks and moved in there. Rods plopped in the edge, then again sat back. By this time the light had started to fade and I received the dreaded phone call, "Start packing up I’m coming getting you". Another blank I thought to myself. I place the rods on the floor, pulled the sticks out, and shoved them in the rucksack. All of a sudden, I heard a splash and a rather quick zipping noise. Turn round and see my butt sticking up out the edge with the spool absolutely melting. Lifted into it, and instantly got flat rodded. Whatever was on the end it wasn’t too happy! Off it went straight into the bay, I had no choice but to give it some welly as the bay was absolutely stuffed with these fine lily pads. 5 minutes later, it was solid; it had lodged itself in the weed. It literally wasn’t budging for nothing! By this time I had a bit of an audience. "Who’s going in for it then?”. Luckily Dave went in, and dislodged this fish from the lilies, cheers mate! It was only when I saw its head pop up that I knew which fish I was into, I nervously turned it and steered it into the net. Out it came and it went 22lb 13oz on the scales. At the time it was only my second 20. So as you can imagine, I was rather happy with that one. It was the biggest fish in the lake to top it off. I couldn't of asked for anything more!

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