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Funtley Lake Report by Tommie Bull - 12/05/2011

At 1pm I went to the front door to check for any mail and there I found my P&DAS ticket lying on the mat. I woke my mum up and made her a cuppa tea, then pestered her to drop me of down the lake once she was ready, she said yes so whilst I sorted my gear out and loaded the car she got ready. By the time I had got to the lake it was 3:15pm. I had a quick look and noticed the wind was a northerly one, not seeing anything on the back of the wind I pushed my barrow to the bottom end of the lake where the wind was pushing into. Straight away I saw the reed's twitching. I made my mind up then I was to get the rod's out in the swim where I was stood it was a swim known as 'motorway' due to it being closest to the M27. As I was taking the rods off the barrow I heard a fish jump and looked up in time to see it was where the reeds where twitching. That was the left hand rod sorted now it was time to get the rods rigged up and on their spot's.

Whilst pushing my bank sticks in I saw a fish jump on the corner of the reed bed, so that was both spot's sorted, I had a quick lead on each spot and found the left hand spot to be a hard spot, probably clay. The right hand rod was fished on gravel. With the rigs baited with Onslows special live system critical's they were cast on the spot's and the leads where felt down, both landing spot on. A dozen 14mm live system where spread on each spot, before I sat back and waited. I didn't have to wait long for the right hand rod to get a bite as half an hour after it was cast out the bobbin pulled tight so I struck but was met with no resistance. Oh well rig changed and rod cast back to the spot and another dozen baits put on the spot and I sat back and watched the water. The reeds where I was fishing my left hand rod to were still twitching and only half hour after the last bite the bobbin on the left rod pulled up and I was in. As soon as I struck the fish rolled and I saw a white belly and an orange tail; CARP! My line had gone around a reed stem and after a little bit of pulling from my end I got her back on the safe side, and I pumped her in until she was under the rod top, that's when she made a bid for freedom but with the rod soaking up her lunges she was soon in the net! I made sure the net was secure before I sorted my unhooking mat out. Once on the mat and unhooked I thought she might just scrape a double so I got the scales and she went 9lb 12oz, pleased with having caught one I got a quick pic of her on the mat.

Short Session Success
A Quick Photo On The Mat

Another half an hour passed and another take came. The bobbin pulled up tight so I struck, I felt one kick and then it was gone. Not to worry I still had a while left yet. I noticed a lot of fizzing going on once the wind had dropped so the right hand rod was wound in a cast to the spot I saw the fizzing. Shortly after I had a take and landed a male Tench of about 3lb, I unhooked it in the water and slipped him back. The rod went back out on to the original spot and another dozen baits spread over it. By now it was 7pm and I was leaving at 7:30pm so with the barrow loaded and the rods on the floor I hoped for one last bite. It happened and I struck and the fish kited into the reed bed, with a bit of pressure she came out. Once she was on the move she kited to the right again into the bay I was fishing. I had her under the rod tip and silly me rushing the fish gave her too much pressure and the hook pulled, I laughed to myself as I was happy with having had a fish.

Till next time Tight Lines,

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