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Tithe Barn Report by Tommie Bull - 13/05/2011

Well I arrived at the lake at around 9am and quickly loaded the barrow and said bye to my mum and set of through the short woodland track and across the field. I arrived at the lake and I noticed I was the only person there, after a quick look nothing had shown itself so I dropped into the same swim I had the 21lb mirror from two weeks ago. I baited the left hand spot under a overhanging tree, which was a firm gravel patch, with a handful of CC Moore live system chops and a few whole. The right hand rod was again fished on the edge of a bed of lily pads on another gravel spot; this was baited with a handful of peanuts and a handful of tigers. I put fresh rigs on the rods. Shortly after another one of the locals turned up so I walked over to see him for a chat as I was in no rush to get the rods out, I still had another 24 hours ahead of me. After a quick chat for about 3 hours I decided to get the rods out. Hopefully the fish would have been on the spots, had some free grub and been up for a munch! I got back to my swim baited the rigs and got them on the spots, and I got a good drop on both rod's first time.

A few bait's where put on the spots just in case fish had eaten the freebies already. With the rods fishing and major slack lining I made some little back leads out of a 2 inch piece of lead core a swivel and some of the lead inner out of a leadcore. Handles where level, buzz bars went in level first time, everything was going right. Whilst I sat there on my bedchair watching the water nothing at all showed itself. Then out of nowhere the left hand rod tip pulled down line screamed off the reel and the delk sounded as if it was to blow up. I was on it straight away, by the time I had got to it had stripped 20 yards of line. With the rod tip stuck right under the water the fish just carried on taking line. After a bit of side strain she slowed down and I managed to turn her head, then she decided to go on another 20+ yard run into the middle of the lake, so I let her take line as she was only going into open water. Once she slowed again she decided to kite left so with more side strain she turned right and head straight behind the bed of pads that my other rod was fished to, she managed to get to the other side of the pads as I just couldn't stop her, I managed to get her head up and keep it there whilst I slowly brought her across the top of the pads, she went straight in the net first time. Upon looking in the mesh I saw what looked to be a high double that may just scrape 20lb, it was a stunning linear and I quickly called my mate to do some pics. My mate came over and then another mate came over as well, I didn't even know he was fishing but he did some pics on his phone for me then we got her on the scales, the dial settled on 19lb 14oz. The pictures really don't do her justice as she was mint!

Mint Linear
The Scales Settled At 19lb 14oz

After all the commotion I put another handful or two of chops and a few whole baits out on the spot and rested the swim for an hour. So I popped over to see my mate in the corner of the lake, whilst talking to him he had a couple of small perch, so I wished him good luck and went back to my swim, by now it was 2pm. With the rodss back on the spots I sat back and watched the water for any signs. At around 3:30pm the line on my left hand rod had pulled tight, so I struck and was met with the feel of a bream on the other end, but then it pulled back! Surely this couldn't be a bream pulling back, it was a bream for sure and once I had brought it to the margin I noticed it was considerably bigger than the others I had caught. I tried to get another mate who had turned up to some pictures for me on his phone as I had left mine at home but he refused to picture a bream on his camera. I estimated it to be around the 8lb mark it was huge! So I unhooked him in the margin and let him swim away, I was slightly gutted not to have got a picture, but next time I will remember my phone. Still it was my second fish on a peanut so the confidence was getting higher in them. With the rod back on the spot all was very quiet, so sat in my bivvy drinking tea and reading Carpworld to pass the time. I popped next door to see my mate and all was quiet there too. So chatting away we talked and talked about all things carpy until 1am when I went back to my swim.

I read Carpworld until 1:30am when I decided to climb into the sleeping bag, just as I was about to doze of my mate rang me drunk whilst he was walking home, he told me that he had been told by his mum she was locking him out so I told him if he was locked out to come down at sit with me as long as he was quiet. At 2am Dan had a take so I popped next door to lend a hand and netted a lovely 19lb common, we quickly slipped her back before wishing good luck to each other. By this time I was wide awake again so back in my bivvy in my sleeping bag reading Carpworld for an hour. I decided to get some shut eye at 3am but that was soon changed as at 4am I had a fast take on the right hand peanut rod. The fish gave a good scrap and was punching well above his weight, and I was surprised to net a common of around 8lb I unhooked him in the net and got him straight back, and got the rod back on the spot with another handful of peanut and another of tigers. I was shattered and slept till 8:30am when Pomps rang me to see how I was getting on, once I told him how I had got on I thought another 10 minutes in bed sounded good, that 10 minutes turned into an hour. 9:30am and I was up and the kettle was on. After a brew I recast the rods, with nothing happening I reeled in the right hand rod and put on a chod rig an slung it into the middle to the edge of a weed bed. I left this for about an hour and a half but without a touch. 12pm I reeled the left hand rod back in and swapped the chod for a 4ft zig. The zig hook bait was half black foam and half yellow foam with the yellow being on the top for fish cruising above to be able to see it easy and the black for if the fish underneath should be able to pick the black foam out on the bright surface easy, well that was the theory. This was cast to the bottom of the marginal shelf. I left the rods as they were, thinking I had given myself the best chances I could, I left the rod's untouched until 4pm when I packed up unfortunately nothing else made a mistake and that was the end of my session.

Till next time Tight Lines,

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