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The largest common in Richworth Linear St. Johns Lake has made another

appearance this week to the rods of David Ralph. David caught the 'Box Common'

weighing 43lb and added one of the lakes' big catfish weighing 39lb.



Gary Lewis has got his hands on the ultra rare 'Wood Common' that resides in

Spitfire Pool on the Airfield Lakes complex in Norfolk. The stunning common broke

the 50lb barrier for the first time weighing 50lb 4oz. The fish sets a new Norfolk

record and personal best UK common for Gary.



What is seen by many as the most sought after carp in the country has been

caught at a huge 59lb 8oz. The angler, Robert Mattock, smashed his personal

best with 'The Parrot' from Cranwells Lake on the Wasing Estate in Berkshire.



Kevin Nash's close friend Julian Cundiff made it down to the Church Pool at Nash

in Essex last week and after moving 3 times managed to find the fish. Julian

caught fish of 38lb 12oz and 31lb 12oz before adding his first 40 and new PB

weighing 49lb 6oz.



Manor Farm Lake on the Richworth Linear complex continues to produce the big

fish as Herefordshire based carper Terry Bramley has proven with one of the

lakes biggest mirrors known as 'Sticky Rib'. Terry set his new PB of 42lb 8oz on

Saturday, the second time the carp has been caught in 10 days.



Chris Lowe has had the session of a lifetime at Richworth Linear Manor Farm Lake

banking 12 carp including 2 of the lake's most sought after residents. Chris caught

'Spike' at a new lake record weight of 46lb and 'Mr Ridiculous' at 38lb 14oz. Chris

used Sonubaits Code Red boilies combined with Avid Carp terminal tackle.



Lee Martin has landed '7 Scales' from Lakeside in Eastleigh at a new lake record

and Eastleigh and District Angling club record weight of 41lb 5oz. Lee added

that he set his new PB using a CC Moore Live System pop-up.



After a break from angling, well known big fish angler Martin Pick has had no

trouble finding his touch as his recent 31 fish haul at Yateley Sandhurst Lake

shows. Using N-Blend boilies from DT Baits, Martin topped his session with a

new PB common in the shape of 'Bubble Tail' weighing 37lb 4oz.



Sticky Baits consultant Sean Leverett has landed his first fish from the low

stock Vinnetrow Lake in Chichester in the shape of this 30lb 6oz common.

Sean fished a single White Chocolate pop-up to a gap in the weed at 75 yards.



Richworth Linear Fishery bailiff Jason Rudge has had a great start to May on

the Gaunts Lake syndicate. Using Aqua Dynamics Edge boilies, he has banked

'The Sergeant' (pictured) weighing 40lb 14oz. Other fish include 'Blackspot'

weighing 34lb 6oz, 29lb 2oz, 38lb 2oz and a common of 28lb 10oz.



Jo Green has smashed the ladies world record with the 'Brown Fish' from La

in France weighing 84lb. The take came 36 hours in to the session at

4am and after a 40 minute battle the giant fish was in the net. Jo added other

fish to 61lb 8oz and the fish fell to Baitcraft T1 boilies.



The dream session at Rainbow Lake in France is over and is being the labelled

the greatest hall of huge carp of all time. Scott Day has gone on to add a

common of 78lb 4oz and the huge 'Ken Dodd Fish' at 82lb! All the fish fell to

Mainline Baits MK1 boilies and Fox terminal gear.



Richworth Linear regular Nick Harrison has had a session to remember on Unity

. Nick claimed a new lake record mirror with 'Moonscale' at 43lb, along with

a common of 43lb 15oz, the lakes biggest ghost carp 'Apollo' at 38lb 14oz and a

31lb ghost carp called 'Corona'. Click more for all the photos!


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